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What Can We Learn from Steph Curry

dwayne july

The way that Steph Curry has played this NBA season has taught me a great lesson as far as fitness goals and goal setting in general. We all know that Steph Curry won the MVP award last year and his team won the World Championship. Last year seemed to be a pretty good season by everyone's account and no one would fault Steph Curry from taking it easy during his offseason and basking in his glory. No one will fault him... but himself so he went out and he grinded, he worked at his craft, he worked on his dribbling and his shot making. Quite honestly this season, I think that not only is he  the runaway candidate for the MVP award this year but I would also argue that he is in the running for the most improved player in the NBA. How can someone be in the running for the most improved player in the NBA after winning the MVP award the year before? That says a lot about a guy.  Last he was deadly from three-point range. This year his efficiency has gone up, his PPG average has gone up and he has lead his team to and NBA record 73 win season. Now that the NBA season has come to an end he is the only person in NBA history to hit 400 3-pointers in a season. So because I recognize and appreciate greatness I wanted to give this man his due. His work ethic has made me think about how it relates to the fitness industry and fitness in general.  It made me think about the client that has set goals accomplish them and then stopped working at new goals and has become complacent. It also let me think about the client that stops short of accomplishing their goals because they don’t want to continue the grind to be great.  Along those same lines he has reaffirmed for me the reason why I continue to be a student of the industry and always learning new ways to help improve our members lives through health and fitness. The thing that I admire the most about what the Curry has done this year is that he challenged himself to be greater.  That's the thing that I encourage everyone reading this blog to strive for in their lives. Strive to be better.. Strive to challenge the status quo…..Strive to prove the naysayers wrong and most importantly Strive to be great!! Great not for anyone else or anyone's approval but Strive to be great for yourself!!!



Live In Shape!!!!!!!