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Bulletproof Athlete

Our Mission with our Bulletproof Athlete is to provide sports performance training that enables athletes to reach their highest potential both during and beyond the years of competitive athletics

i GOT Bulletproof'd

Working to Improve:

  • First Step Quickness

  • Breakaway Speed

  • Change of Direction

  • Power and Strength

  • Mobility and Flexibility

Check out our I GOT Bulletproof'd program, designed exclusively for high school and college athletes. Focusing on self-esteem, mental strength and physical dominance, the I GOT Bulletproof'd program is the foundational package for high school athletes.

Programs are offered either in 2 ,3 or 4 days per week sessions and are 45 minutes in length. Each program focuses on the following:


  • Our two day program (I GOT Bulletproof'd-2) is our most popular program amongst active or off-season athletes. (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)

  • Our three day program (I GOT Bulletproof'd-3) is recommended for more advanced athletes or those who are not participating in any other activity during the period besides RYPT. (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)

  • Our four day program (I GOT Bulletproof'd-4) is the ultimate sports performance program reserved for graduating high school seniors and college athletes. I GOT Bulletproof'd-4 is reserved for the summer training periods only. (Monday-Thursday)


STAY Bulletproof'd

The STAY Bulletproof'd program is the optimal training package for all IN-SEASON athletes who wish to maintain and build upon their off-season “I GOT Bulletproof'd" training or competitive athletes who only need to focus on their strength and power. This package does not include any speed, agility or conditioning. This is strictly a power/strength/mobility only program.

The STAY Bulletproof'd program is offered two-four times per week allowing flexibility for athletes to participate based on their practice and competition schedule. Sessions are 45 minutes each.