I know you've heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. My mother always used to say “Your income will be directly determined by the 5 people you hang out with the most.”.  So it seems to me that Community is really important. We rely on community to raise our children and  also to help determine our income bracket, but why don't we rely on a community to help us with our fitness goals. As an industry most fitness professionals have only really pushed personal training. But Why is that the case? I became a member of a group of forward thinking fitness professionals and in 2013 when I opened up my facility that was something that I focused on and was determined to build. I had to build a community, an environment that the individuals within wanted nothing more than to see the person beside them succeed. I had to build a community not for myself but for the people who believed in me helping them get to their fitness goals. See prior to opening up my facility I worked as a personal trainer in a big box gym and yeah it was a great feeling when I helped my clients lose some weight or attain a goal that they set. But that was it, I felt good, my client felt good, we high fived and went on our way. Maybe that client decides to stay and continue working but a lot of times they are satisfied and walked away.  Unfortunately what happens in a situation such as this is that the person stops doing the behaviors that got them to achieve the goals in the first place, and revert back to where they were running from. It’s common sense right…… you can’t do less and expect more? That doesn’t add up.It’s a harsh reality but what I’ve realized in my many years in the industry is that people don’t value fitness the way they should. I know we've all heard them…... you know what I'm talking…. about the excuses! I work, oh my kids, I don’t have time or whatever version of excuse that seems justifiable to you. When you have a community though, individuals realized very quickly that they are part of something bigger than themselves and others are depending on them to help with their success. you are only as strong as your weakest link so we built strong bonds with our community. from the moment that we moved into our facility in 2013 we've kept a running tally of weight loss that we've helped our members achieve. 3 years later where are 925 pounds lost and Counting. and with this community I'll be no time before we hit 1000.

dwayne july